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Partnering with stakeholders to develop new solutions and build a new breed of entrepreneurial farmers.

Sustainable Development International

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Harnessing solar energy to access water for irrigation, sanitation, hygiene drinking, in order to develop a farming system that provides food production, food security, aquaponics, waste management (food & compost), and has an entrepreneurship component that creates value addition and movement from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Welcome to SDII!
We provide affordable, durable, and sustainable technology solutions that will support Liberia’s economic growth through agriculture and renewable energy.


Sustainable Development International, Inc. (SDII) is a for profit corporation focused on Project/Program Management to meet the triple bottom line benchmarks of sustainable development. All projects are planned, designed, managed, controlled, monitored, maintained, and assessed for continuous improvement to be economically profitable, create new fair-wage jobs using new technologies, and be environmentally healthy with social equity. The corporation has modeled an entrepreneurial food enterprise system to improve food security, energy poverty, and water management in under-developed countries. A new self-reliant and entrepreneurial generation of farmers will be trained at knowledge-based demonstration sites to grow and add value to nutrient rich foods to build healthy urban and rural communities. Promoting “green technology” to build “green horizontal and vertical infrastructures” using natural and renewable resources to positively impact a new “green economy” that improves the quality of life of people and communities is the mantra of SDII.

SDII’s mission is to implement this decentralized approach to development through the participation of stakeholders (subsistence farmers, smallholders, NGOs, government, aid agencies, and international partners) that will provide food security, energy, water, and technology in order to improve the economic and physical health of communities while prioritizing the triple bottom line.

Isaac Vah Tukpah, Jr., President & CEO of SDII is a senior Project/Program Manager with extensive experience in Healthcare Information Technology and Finance. He has a strong background in program & project management, risk analysis and management, performance analysis, healthcare financial planning and analysis, strategic planning, healthcare regulatory trends and development, and healthcare underwriting. He has significant management experience and proven ability to lead, develop and empower staff to higher levels of productivity. His unique ability to recognize business objectives, foresee the solutions, and develop approaches, estimate resource and support the completion of projects on-time and within a budget is a strong asset to SDII.

Audrey Johnson, Vice President & COO of SDII is a senior real estate development and business consultant. She has extensive experience in community development and supporting the establishment of small business.

Benjamin Fyneah, CTO of SDII is a senior technology expert with vast experience in I.T. Solutions.

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