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Partnering with stakeholders to develop new solutions and build a new breed of entrepreneurial farmers.

Sustainable Development International

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Harnessing solar energy to access water for irrigation, sanitation, hygiene drinking, in order to develop a farming system that provides food production, food security, aquaponics, waste management (food & compost), and has an entrepreneurship component that creates value addition and movement from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Welcome to SDII!
We provide affordable, durable, and sustainable development solutions that support economic growth through agriculture, renewable energy, and technology.


Sustainable Development International, LLC (SDI)
Our work will be focused on sub-Saharan Africa, remote locations, and fragile environments where there is sufficient political will & stability, liquidity, demand, and a proven local partner to successfully launch our technologies.

Sustainable Development International, LLC (SDI) is a solutions driven firm that designs and develops innovative approaches to the challenging sustainable development problems facing developing and developed nations. Our solutions enable a green environment, food security, poverty reduction, entrepreneurship, effectively managed projects, and integration. Our clients are successful because we provide them the best knowledge-based practices, bolstered by grounded relationships, and we design customized solutions that enable their systems to work and keep them competitive in the global marketplace. SDI's principal area of specializations are:

  • Agriculture, Energy, Environmental, and Water Management
  • Project Management and Entrepreneurship Private Sector Development
  • Research, Big Data Collection and Analysis, Metrics, and Performance Management
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Sustainable Development Integration
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