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Partnering with stakeholders to develop new solutions and build a new breed of entrepreneurial farmers.

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Harnessing solar energy to access water for irrigation, sanitation, hygiene drinking, in order to develop a farming system that provides food production, food security, aquaponics, waste management (food & compost), and has an entrepreneurship component that creates value addition and movement from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Welcome to SDII!
We provide affordable, durable, and sustainable technology solutions that will support Liberia’s economic growth through agriculture and renewable energy.



Purple Mountain is a firm on the forefront of small-scale sustainable food production in the DC Metro region of the United States. Its goal is the achievement of global food security through small-scale intensive growing models. Purple Mountain was started in 2004 by Nazirahk Amen, ND, L.Ac., naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, and Scott Lastrapes, MD on the premise of helping patients grow food as part of the healing process. With much hard work, Purple Mountain has evolved into a premiere small-scale equipment supplier and farm contract services company supporting local and regional sustainability efforts. Purple Mountain is experienced in implementing and supporting sustainable urban, peri-urban, and small-scale farm food production systems.

Solid Rock Investment - (land clearing and green infrastructures)
Solid Rock Investment (SRI) is a Liberian company that focuses on land clearing, construction, and specializes in green construction. To SRI, green infrastructure means small-scale buildings designed to bring the natural and built environments together and using the landscape and natural elements as the major aspects of the infrastructure. For SRI, green infrastructure brings development activities that do not add chemicals, sediments, and other substances that degrade water quality, fragment the habitat, or diminish biodiversity.

Quest Engineering, (well drilling, vertical green infrastructures)
QUEST is a fully owned and managed Liberian business established in early 2004 under the laws of the Republic of Liberia specializes in engineering and architectural services and consulting; wood processing; construction and maintenance; water and sewage engineering. QUEST has received a Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Liberia, designation as category B. The firm benefits from the varied technical, supervisory and managerial experiences of its full time staff and consultants in the areas of engineering design and service, contract administration and management, and construction supervision.

Reliable Electrical Services Technology (REST), Inc. (solar installation, electric & water works, green technology)
REST is a full service electrical contracting company with specialty in solar panel installation; solar powered water delivery systems, commercial, industrial and residential electrical services, electrical construction; generators, transformers, plant, & site wiring; and a wide variety of electrical services. REST has installed multiple solar panel systems on residential properties and institutional grounds and facilities. REST provides customers in the commercial, industrial and residential marketplace the best value for their electrical construction dollar. Their professional and technical resources, quality of service, cost-effective work, record of performance and high-level customer satisfaction, from project planning to completion, makes their company an ideal partner for SDII.

Burdette Industries - Aquaponics
Burdette Industries, Inc. is a direct product of over 20 years of designing, developing and maintaining of aquatic needs that started with intensive indoor fish farming research and development. Burdette Industries performs research and design on their own aquatic systems located in Aberdeen, Maryland USA. They make all the components and test them under actual operating conditions. Burdette products or components work and they have been proven.

TEM Enterprise, Smoke Drying System
TEM Enterprise is the provider of self contained, easy to install, easy to operate semi-automatic smokers that offer maximum versatility in small and large batch smoking. TEMs smokers are self-contained units capable of both hot and cold smoking a wide variety of products. The smokers are simple to operate and can be quickly adjusted to suit individual product smoking requirements.

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