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Partnering with stakeholders to develop new solutions and build a new breed of entrepreneurial farmers.

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Harnessing solar energy to access water for irrigation, sanitation, hygiene drinking, in order to develop a farming system that provides food production, food security, aquaponics, waste management (food & compost), and has an entrepreneurship component that creates value addition and movement from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Welcome to SDII!
We provide affordable, durable, and sustainable technology solutions that will support Liberia’s economic growth through agriculture and renewable energy.


Renewable Resources Solar and biofuel Energy production for power generation in rural and urban communities;

Water Resources Accessing and managing water resources for drinking, sanitation, hygiene, irrigation and transportation;

Farm Enterprise Development Farm management; vegetable, cereal, and tree crop production; aquaponics system; hydroponic system, goat and chicken production, and growing high quality soil through composting; Farm Tools and Implements Procurement we procure tools, implements, and equipment for all levels of work;

Value Chain Food Enterprise Systems- Food handling and storage, Processing and Packaging, Smoked Drying of fish, meat, shrimp, and vegetables;

Ethnic Food Manufactuing- Ethic Food production and distribution;

Direct and Virtual Market Networks Farmers Market, Cooperatives. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Social Media Marketing;

Green Technology and Infrastructures- Vertical (houses, hospitals, churches etc.) and horizontal (roads and bridges) built with natural local resources;

Training Informal education in various functions of farm management; green technology and green infrastructure; social entrepreneurship and small business development;

Evaluation and Assessment for Continuous Improvement Community and focus groups listening sessions; survey instruments development and statistical analysis to measure change in knowledge, change in behavior/attitude and changes in economic, environmental and social conditions;
Seeds technology and farm management - Provide support, alleviate poverty, and training a new cadre of farmers and entrepreneurs, make them entrepreneurs, finance, management, & technology services to farms and farmers and universities and government through advanced farming methods, renewable energy, and aquaponics. We define fish pond quantities and volumes according to stocking densities, feed regime, growth rate and stocking material availability for each fish species in region.

Business planning, Financial linkages & Technical advisory We build a strong understanding of each farmer's particular situation and objectives and jointly develop a plan for farm development, link farmers to credit programs offered by lenders and impact investors, and provides training and capacity development for farmers in the form of partnerships with universities and community colleges, workshops, week-long courses, and ongoing skills training. We assist with small business development & start-up; small/start-up business consulting; investment consulting; and logistics;

Sustainability and renewability are built into all aspects of our business. Our only measure of success is when the farmer(s) develops all the skills and knowhow needed to build great farms. From an environmental standpoint, we strive to improve biodiversity, soil management, and air quality through strict application of well-thought-out environmental & social practices.

Additionally, we provide the real estate development assistance by assessing potential sites, evaluating the market and recommending marketing and construction options. As part of our sustainable community efforts, we do environmental assessment, property management, and alternative energy, consulting.

Support housing development to standard and being affordable, accessible, entrepreneurship, tourism, farming, mining, etc.

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