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Partnering with stakeholders to develop new solutions and build a new breed of entrepreneurial farmers.

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Harnessing solar energy to access water for irrigation, sanitation, hygiene drinking, in order to develop a farming system that provides food production, food security, aquaponics, waste management (food & compost), and has an entrepreneurship component that creates value addition and movement from subsistence to commercial farming.

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Welcome to SDII!
We provide affordable, durable, and sustainable technology solutions that will support Liberia’s economic growth through agriculture and renewable energy.


Our work will be focused on sub-Saharan Africa, remote locations, and fragile environments where there is sufficient political will & stability, liquidity, demand, and a proven local partner to successfully launch our technologies.

SDII offers farms, farmers, international agencies, academic institutions, and government agencies a commercially and environmentally viable alternative to conventional approaches to agriculture solutions through agriculture and renewable energy. Our solution s are more efficient, clean, inexpensive, mobile, versatile, safe and sustainable than standard or traditional practices.

Our Technical Approach is built on providing training and experience in the Integrated Distributive Utilities Network (IDUN). IDUN involves application of Renewable Solar Energy to extract groundwater (using solar pumps) into above-ground or underground tanks that can be used for irrigation and aquaculture production. Our strategy also includes small ruminants, specifically goats, and food storage and drying for preservation to enhance entrepreneurial value addition for direct marketing purposes. Soil fertility and nutrient enhancement through food, leaves and wood chip vermiculture composting will maintain production of nutrient-dense food crops.

Our technology encompasses an Integrated Distributive Utilities Network (IDUN) comprised of five units:

i. UNIT 1 - Renewable Solar Energy source to extract groundwater for agricultural practices and sustainable development activities;
ii. UNIT 2 - Hoop Houses and field production of rice, cassava, and food crops;
iii. UNIT 3 Aquaponics and small goat production;
iv. UNIT 4 - Food Drying, Processing and Storage System; and
v. UNIT 5 - Growing nutrient rich soils through food waste, leaves and wood chips composting.
In the near future, we plan on expanding this portfolio to include other triple bottomline technologies.

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